Sunday, January 18, 2015

New Years Resolutions

     Now that life has finally calmed down a bit I can share with you my New Years Resolutions.  I know that it's already a couple weeks into the new year but it takes me a while to make decisions. This is the first time I've made one of these lists and I wanted to do it right. I've put a lot of thought into it and I plan on completing everything! Ambitious, I know :)

So here it is!: (In no particular order :))

*  Get organized and stay that way! 

*  Complete the Fashion Retailing program. Seriously it's paid for and it's just been sitting here....since 2008.  I want to see a certificate with my name on it!

*  Eat healthier and move a little more. I'm trying to be realistic here. I know that if I say loose 20 lbs, it's probably not going to happen.  But I can try harder to ignore my sweet tooth when it's screaming for ice cream.  :)

*  Read more.  I love reading and getting lost in books, but I don't do it that often. Is that weird?  If you have any good book suggestions,  comment below :)

*  Cook more.  I'm a big fan of Pioneer Woman Ree Drummond and I got her second cookbook for Christmas. I want to make every recipe!

*  Try new things.  It's true what mom's say, "You never know until you try!"  Last year I tried California rolls at a Japanese restaurant and I watched The Hobbit. I thought I would hate both but I was pleasantly surprised.

*  Be the best wife and mother I can be.

*  Be myself.

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