Saturday, August 16, 2014


 This is how I like to spend my Saturdays. 
     After my stomach is full from lunch I start to feel sleepy, but I don't want to take a nap yet because I'm at a good part in the book I'm reading.  So I get out my favorite coffee mug, stick it in the Keurig,  and press brew.  I can't remember a single time in my life where I didn't love the smell or sound of coffee brewing.  I've tried to be like my mother and drink my coffee black, but I just can't. It's against my religion! I prefer mine with creamer and today it's going to be Hazelnut.
    No matter the weather outside it always seems cool in the house and I end up curling up in this blanket on the couch.   It was a wedding present from my husband's cousin and I'm pretty sure she made it herself.  In my opinion handmade gifts are better than anything you can buy at the store.
    I love getting lost in books! I love flipping the pages and seeing what others have written or left behind. I love the smell of paper and the journey it took to get to the used book store. But when I can't get to the store I turn to my Kindle.  I have found a lot of good cheap ebooks that are worthy of my Saturday's. 
    I click on the book I've been reading and pick up where I left off. I read page after page while sipping my coffee and thinking, "why does every single woman own a cat" and "What are you thinking getting involved with a married priest?!"
   While I read I change positions a lot.  I start out sitting with my legs curled up to one side.  My cat Floppy prefers this position because he has a nice little nest to nap in.  Then I'll prop my legs up on the coffee table or stretch them out lengthwise one the couch.  Pretty soon I'm laying on my back with my kindle in my hands........reading......reading........reading.  The next thing I know my hands are letting go and my Kindle smacks me in the face and I realize I had fallen asleep.  No lie, this happens almost every week.  This is also another reason why I prefer books to my kindle, because they don't hurt as bad when they hit you.


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