Friday, June 13, 2014

Green Thumb??

 Could it be that I have a green thumb after all?  Or is it the power of Miracle Grow, sun light, and rain? Either way I went outside today to water the crops and was pleasantly surprised by what I saw.
It's Squash!
Wow, this is more than I was expecting!  I think I'll make a casserole.

No red tomatoes yet, but I'm already planning on spaghetti sauce, sandwiches, pizza, and this yummy cheesy noodle stuff my great aunt makes.
    I didn't mention in my Adventures in Gardening blog that I also planted watermelon. To be honest I thought it had the least chance of producing anything but thought I would give it a try anyway.  So far I have two watermelons the size of Whoppers candy 
Watermelon #1

Watermelon #2

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