Friday, June 13, 2014

Green Thumb??

 Could it be that I have a green thumb after all?  Or is it the power of Miracle Grow, sun light, and rain? Either way I went outside today to water the crops and was pleasantly surprised by what I saw.
It's Squash!
Wow, this is more than I was expecting!  I think I'll make a casserole.

No red tomatoes yet, but I'm already planning on spaghetti sauce, sandwiches, pizza, and this yummy cheesy noodle stuff my great aunt makes.
    I didn't mention in my Adventures in Gardening blog that I also planted watermelon. To be honest I thought it had the least chance of producing anything but thought I would give it a try anyway.  So far I have two watermelons the size of Whoppers candy 
Watermelon #1

Watermelon #2

Saturday, June 7, 2014

I admit it,...

    I admit it,...I cry while watching movies.  Not all movies of course.  I didn't cry when I watched Twilight even though the acting WAS sad.  I didn't cry when I watched Red, The Faculty, or Shrek. 
    But I did cry when I watched Bambi for the first time. You know that part where Bambi's mother is shot by the hunter? It was just awful. And at the time it was worse because my dad was a hunter and all I could think about was him killing my deer friends.  I think I was 3 or 4.
    I'm sure I cried at other movies while I was growing up, but the next movie I remember is Titanic.  I was 12 and I went on opening weekend with my mom and my best friends.  It's a good thing my mom grabbed extra napkins when we got popcorn because we were all balling. Why couldn't Rose let Jack on the board with her? There was a ton of room.  She realizes that he's dead and while he is floating down into the ocean she says, "I'll never let go Jack."  Then Celine Dion's song My Heart Will Go On is playing.  I remember riding home and that song came on the radio and we started crying all over again.
   Now that I'm older, if I see a movie preview that looks good and sad, I wait until it's on dvd and watch it at home.  Every movie based on a Nicolas Sparks book has been viewed right here on my couch, because I know that there is always one character that is going to die.
    Last night I watched UP with my kids and I cried.  It starts out with two adventurous kids and then shows them falling in love, getting married, and growing old together.  The whole time they are fixing up a house they played in as kids and saving up to go to a waterfall in south america.  They finally have the money to go and the old man buys the plane tickets.  Just as he is about to surprise his wife she falls ill and dies.  The only thing he has left is the house that developers are trying to take away from him.  He makes it his mission to get the house to the falls for his wife. 
    I felt like a dork crying over a kids movie,  until I heard my youngest say, "This movie is sad."  I looked over at her to see a big crocodile tear before she wiped it away.  Poor kid is turning out to be like me.